Policy of Complaint and Appeal

Ecotest understands the importance of Complaint and Appeal in carrying out its certification activities.

The purpose of this policy is to define the actions to be taken in the event that a complaint or appeal is received from candidates, certified persons, certificate holders and other parties with regard to a certified person, a certificate holder or decisions related to the certification process or certificate program, as well as complaints for the overall Ecotest operations for which appeals are not applicable. This policy is not applicable for complaints related to alleged illegal, financial, or regulatory issues, which will be handled by proper authorities.

This policy covers two different scopes and types of complaints and appeals (as defined by Ecotest) outlined as in the following:
      a) The complaints and appeals addressed to Ecotest about a certified person
      b) These types of complaints are hereinafter referred to as “Certification Complaint.”
      c) Two procedures for pursuing shall illustrate both appeals and complaints.
      d) Deadlines of 30 days to appeal or complaint.
      e) Supporting documentation

The complaints addressed to Ecotest about the overall operations of Ecotest, i.e., expression of dissatisfaction made to Ecotest, related to its services, procedures, policies, support, technology, representatives (including partners, exam candidates, or employees), overall operations, or the complaint handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected. These types of complaints are hereinafter referred to as “Operations Complaint." Candidate can appeal in conditions and adverse decisions as :
    a) Denial of eligibility to earn the certification.
    b) Denial of recertification to maintain certification.
    c) Any sanctions resulting from an investigation of a violation of the Code of Ethics
    d) Any other condition for awarding and maintaining certification.

    a) By submitting a complaint or an appeal, any complainant commits to reporting facts completely and truthfully.

    b) Any complainant who provides any proven false statements will see their entire complaint or appeal terminated.

    c) Any unsubstantiated elements (not supported with real evidence) of a complaint or an appeal (hearsay, rumors, unproven accusations, etc.) will not be taken into consideration in any complaint or appeal.

    d) The Complaint and Appeal Policy does not deal with alleged illegal, financial, or regulatory issues. For any complaint or parts of a complaint related to alleged illegal, financial, or regulatory issues, Ecotest will respond by recommending that the complainant reaches the proper authorities and inform them that it will not deal with alleged illegal, financial, or regulatory issues.

    e) The only exception to this is if a complainant provides evidence that a legal decision has been rendered and asks Ecotest to deal with it (e.g., if a complainant provides evidence that a Ecotest affiliate or employee was the subject of a recent court decision).

    f) The Complaint and Appeal Policy does not deal with issues for which the deadlines to submit complaints and/or appeals have been reached.

   g) No complaint will be processed if it is done anonymously. Complainants must provide personal information, as described below under the instructions sections for filing complaints.

   h) If applicable, all complaints need to be shown to the individuals being complained against so that they can have an opportunity to respond.

   i) If the complainant does not give the authorization for the complaint to be shown to the person or function being complained against, the complaint will not be processed.

   j) If individuals exhibit difficulties or persistent behavior i.e., if they exercise their right to complain in an excessive or unreasonable manner, e.g., excessive complaints and/or appeals within a short period, repetitive complaints and/or appeals using the same arguments for settled issues, Ecotest will not process the complaint and/or appeal, without prior advice from the Impartiality and Certification Committee.

  k) .Materials submitted to Ecotest in connection with a Complaint or an Appeal will not be returned unless agreed to prior, by the Complainant or Respondent and Ecotest. Ecotest will take reasonable measures to ensure that any files resulting from implementation of this Complaint and Appeal Policy shall be and remain confidential except as required by law, or as necessary to fully investigate a complaint and appeal. Parties are encouraged to maintain confidentiality.

a) All complaints must be submitted and communicated in writing via the Ecotest website based on the steps below:

b) Go to https://forms.zoho.com/ecotest/form/ComplaintsandAppeal

c) Besides personal information (full name, email address, phone number), write in the message box the description of the operations complaint, the department and staff member involved, if applicable, and the date.

Policy on Maintenance of Impartiality

1.1. Ecotest shall Certify persons depending on objective evidence through a fair, valid, and reliable assessment, and not influenced by other interests or by other parties.

1.2. Ecotest and its personnel are being perceived with impartiality to provide confidence in its activities and their outcomes.

1.3. Certification activities of Ecotest shall not allow commercial, financial, or other pressures to compromise impartiality.

1.4. Ecotest shall commit to acting impartiality in relation to its applicants, candidates, and certified persons.

1.5. Certification decisions shall be made in accordance with policies and procedures.

1.6. Ecotest should identify the types of threats posed by specific activities, relationships, or other circumstances.

2.1. Ecotest shall not engage in activities that could compromise its impartiality.

2.2. Threats of impartiality includes but not limited:

2.3. Self-interest threats: threats that arise from a person or body acting in its own interest to benefit itself.

2.4. Subjectivity threats: threats that arise when personal bias overrules objective evidence.

2.5. Familiarity threats: threats that arise from a person being familiar with or trusting of another person, e.g., an examiner or certification body personnel developing a relationship with a candidate that affects the ability to reach an objective judgement.

2.6. Intimidation threats: threats that prevent a certification body or its personnel from acting objectively due to fear of a candidate or other interested party.

2.7. Financial threats: the source of revenue for a certification body can be a threat to impartiality.

3.1. Ecotest should identify, analyze, evaluate, treat, monitor, and document such risks and demonstrate how threats are eliminated or minimized in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk that are sources of potential bias.

3.2. Impartiality of Ecotest should be established at all levels including:    
     3.2.1. Structure of Ecotest LLC
     3.2.2. Policies and procedures.
     3.2.3. Evaluation.

3.2.4. Decisions and appeals on certification.

3.3. Ecotest may periodically conduct a threat analysis to determine the potential, both real and perceived, of an individual or an organization to influence certification.


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