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Ecotest is a leading certification body of issuing quality certificates, established in January 2022 in Dubai, licensed by the Department of Economy Development (DED) in Dubai and accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC). Our principles and requirements for certifying persons are according to the International Standard ISO 17024-2012 which includes the development and maintenance of certification schemes for persons. Our interested parties such as Dubai Municipality DM, EIAC, Prometric’s, and many Pest control service providers.

 To be an international leader in the field of issuing accredited certificates and conducting professional tests for individuals in different job fields. To contribute effectively to the development and improvement of the efficiency of
individuals and employees by applying modern and effective international standards.

  To meet customer expectations through providing a wide competitive range of certification services and accredited persons and organizations by our highly competent team. Our certification for persons shall be one of the challenges to provide assurance that the certified person meets the requirements of the certification scheme according to International

o confidence in the respective certification schemes for persons by means of a globally accepted process of assessment of certified persons’ competency.
o a quality exam and a pleasant testing experience for every candidate.
o Global contribution to new schemes areas such as Pest control industry.
o Development of certification schemes for both persons and organizations, in response to the ever-increasing velocity of technological innovation and growing specialization of personnel.


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Office 304
Hor Al Anz, Abu Hail road Dubai, UAE


Office Phone: +971 43949799
Mobile Phone: +971 502375050